Editor's Note Trish-and-Beth-162x107 Ed’s Note July Hello and welcome to the July edition of Sheilas. This month, and in a slightly belated nod to NAIDOC Week, we’ve compiled an Indigenous-themed issue.… Read More → Horacek! Horacek- legal system Horacek! The Legal System The over-representation of Indigenous Australians in prison is one of the most urgent human rights issues facing the country today. Statistics released by the Productivity… Read More → News megan_davi_m1862820 Recognition Unpacked Dr Megan Davis is a Professor of Law at the University of New South Wales, where she is also Director of the Indigenous Law Centre.… Read More → News ADam Goodes Off to The Racists… Does Francis Leach need any introduction? To Generation X, he will always be fondly remembered as one of the stalwarts from the glory days of… Read More → A Bonza Sheila Ellen and Kara A Bonza Ellen van Neerven For our Bonza Sheila this July, we have Kara Beavis, Policy Leader at the State Library of New South Wales, interviewing what can only be… Read More → Culture Club Radiance Film Revisiting Radiance Our Culture Club contributor for July (and for months continued, yay) Karen Pickering revisits an Australian classic, the 1998 Rachel Perkins film, Radiance in celebration of… Read More → Keeping It Reel Michael Cook Art The Mission #8 July’s Keeping it Reel kind of isn’t. That’s the point really. It comes from a collection of works by artist Michael Cook entitled The Mission. They capture… Read More → First Person Kyana Hubbard Headshot NAIDOC Week: Our Celebration Back once again to the Sheilas stable, we welcome young Wardamen and Gurinji woman, Kyana Hubbard, who has shared her experience of NAIDOC Week with us!… Read More → News Disclaimer We aim to publish a variety of views on important social issues. Please note, the views published on Sheilas are the author’s and not necessarily… Read More →