Keeping It Reel

12 / 07 / 2012

Keeping it Reel is a regular image section celebrating ‘Pictures of You’ – the lived experience of women and all the smile lines it generates. It quietly challenges the mass media’s construction of ‘beauty’ and its so-called ‘industry’. In other words, an “up yours” to the nipped, tucked, barbie-mimicking, photoshop-frenzied images that saturate our world.

Photographer Alison Bennett gets our photo album rolling with her image of poet Elizabeth Trout at a Midsumma poetry reading event last year.

Alison Bennett’s visual artwork has been exhibited in galleries and festivals across Australia. Alison is currently undertaking a PhD creative practice research project on shifting the surface in digital photography at Deakin University (where she also teaches). She’s worked as a scene photographer documenting the Melbourne queer and party scene for several years. More of Ali’s work can be found here.

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