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    Editor's Note Ed’s Note Welcome to the third edition of Sheilas, and it’s a bumper one at that! One of the aims of the Victorian Women’s Trust (of which… Read more →
    Horacek! Horacek50 Fifty Shades of Horacek In the last  ‘Sheilas Monthly Mail’ (sent to subscribers only) we looked at the barrage of column inches dedicated to analysing E.L. James’ ‘Fifty Shades’… Read more →
    News BL12_deveny_08-157 Raising Emotionally Articulate Boys In this piece for Sheilas, writer, comedian, author and social commentator Catherine Deveny looks at the processes involved in raising emotionally articulate boys - a topic she's quite an expert on, with three sons of her own. Read more →
    News Pampy.jpg Gender Mainstreaming & Other Paris Hilton Insights Pamposh Verma is a young medical student also undertaking a Diploma of Liberal Arts in Gender Studies. A version of this piece initially appeared in… Read more →
    Polly Ticks Conscience Craving By Sarah  Capper In an ideal world where human rights are indivisible, where party policies aren’t manipulated by factional bosses, where there’s a clear separation… Read more →
    Keeping It Reel 3bird golden Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal Keeping it Reel is an “up yours” to the nipped, tucked, barbie-mimicking, photoshop-frenzied images that saturate our world. Read more →
    A Bonza Sheila Denise Scott A Bonza Denise Scott A 'Bonza Sheila' is a regular Sheilas section which pays tribute to a damn good woman. This month, our very worthy recipient is comedian, author and entertainer Denise Scott. Read more →
    Culture Club LaBarbe_NickMead Sweetening the Fibre of Feminism   In this edition of Culture Club, Elisabeth Morgan and Tanya Rao examine creative and humorous ways to further the feminist cause, both in Australia… Read more →
    Next Edition Sneak Peek! Shh! October Sneak Peek To coincide with Cancer Awareness Month, Health Services Commissioner Beth Wilson will take a look at cancer ‘quacks’. And Dr Danielle Tyson from Monash University… Read more →
    News Disclaimer We aim to publish a variety of views on important social issues.Please note, cialis the views published on Sheilas are the author’s and not necessarily… Read more →