Keeping it Reel with Ruth Rogers-Wright

18 / 10 / 2012

Keeping it Reel is a regular image section celebrating ‘Pictures of You’ – the lived experience of women and all the smile lines it generates. It quietly challenges the mass media’s construction of ‘beauty’ and its so-called ‘industry’. In other words, it’s an “up yours” to the nipped, tucked, barbie-mimicking, photoshop-frenzied images that saturate our world.

This month we feature singer Ruth Rogers-Wright, with this beautiful image courtesy of photographer Alison Bennett. Check out Ali’s work here.

Ruth is playing at the Feast Festival in Adelaide on November 14.  She’s also undertaking the ‘Fabulous Diva Tour – the Music of Nina Simone‘. For more info, check out Ruth’s website here, and you can like her on Facebook here.

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