Arab Spring Solidarity

15 / 11 / 2012

Keeping it Reel is a regular image section celebrating ‘Pictures of You’ – the lived experience of women and all the smile lines it generates. It quietly challenges the mass media’s construction of ‘beauty’ and its so-called ‘industry’. In other words, thumb it’s an “up yours” to the nipped, generic tucked, prescription barbie-mimicking, photoshop-frenzied images that saturate our world.

This month photographer Ali Hogg shares an image she snapped at a Melbourne protest in solidarity with the Egyptian revolution last year.  Ali is a Melbourne based freelance photographer with a diploma in Visual Arts and a BA in Photography.  Her work includes portraits, scene photographs of Melbourne’s gay and Lesbian nightclubs and bars, political demonstrations, event photos, weddings, scenic photography and more.  More of her work can be found here. Ali is an LGBTI activist, convenor of the Victorian branch of Equal Love, an organisation dedicated to same sex marriage rights (the next Melbourne rally for same sex marriage rights is on November 24).

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