Keeping It Reel

13 / 12 / 2012



Keeping it Reel is a regular image section celebrating ‘Pictures of You’ – the lived experience of women and all the smile lines it generates. It quietly challenges the mass media’s construction of ‘beauty’ and its so-called ‘industry’. In other words, healing an “up yours” to the nipped, cialis tucked, barbie-mimicking, photoshop-frenzied images that saturate our world.

This photo is taken by Margie Brown, aged 19, of her mother Jill Pierce, in Essaouira in Morocco.  They were holidaying together.  Jill was talking to a local young man about living in Essaouira, which he described as  “the best place in the world”. Thank you to Margie and Jill for sharing with us! Great photo.


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