Marching through March

14 / 03 / 2013

It’s that time of the year where you pinch yourself and wonder where the start of the year got to! It’s also International Women’s Day in early March, which tends to be a busy time of the year in the women’s sector – with events, celebrations and acknowledgement of work still yet to be done. Our resident cartoonist Judy Horacek has a cheeky take on the celebrations.

Also in this edition, we begin a new section of Sheilas called ‘First Person‘, with writer Julie Perrin providing a quaint story about finding a lost dog in the wake of the Black Saturday bushfires.

Julie sent me her piece after seeing the preview last month of an article by Firefoxes Australia co-founder Kate Riddell, which is published in this edition.

Our other feature comesĀ  from veteran Canberra journalist Margo Kingston – who we welcome back into the fold of online publishing.

Also this month:

– check out the longlist of entrants for the Stella Prize in Culture Club

– read Nicole Fernley’s personal story about living with Endometriosis in Keeping it Reel

– my Polly Ticks column this month draws parallels between the leadership resignations of Ted Baillieu and Kevin Rudd

– and our Bonza Sheila for March is prominent Melbourne businesswoman and philanthropist Eve Mahlab, who we explain also had a hand in coming up with the Sheilas concept. As always, the Bonza Sheila responses make for a great read – thank you Eve!


Sarah Capper, Sheilas Editor