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    Editor's Note Ed’s Note and VWT Ads Link **JULY 10 UPDATE** A copy of the advertisement text from the Victorian Women’s Trust (publisher of Sheilas) is available off the Trust’s homepage – or… Read more →
    Horacek! one small step-col (3) Men in Blue Spaceships It’s been one helluva week for women in Australia. In light of this, our ‘resident’ cartoonist Judy Horacek has provided this ‘classic’ cartoon of hers… Read more →
    News clementine-bio Sexual Danger: Women’s Constant Emotional Lodger Jill Meagher’s rape and murder last year in the suburb of Brunswick, Melbourne, gripped the nation. Yesterday, her killer was sentenced. For this edition of… Read more →
    News Ted photo Women, Footy and Family Ted Hopkins on the role of females in Australian Football & AFL - and what makes footy so special and unique in this part of the world. Read more →
    Polly Ticks A week in the life of an Australian woman … A week in the life of an Australian woman, courtesy of public discourse, the news and media commentary, beginning Tuesday 11 June, 2013 … Read more →
    A Bonza Sheila nsmail-37 A Bonza Leanne Miller On a cold rainy, windy Saturday in June, Sheilas Editor Sarah Capper chatted with Leanne Miller, the Executive Director of Koorie Women Mean Business (KWMB)… Read more →
    First Person mariam11 My experience on 17 May, IDAHO day, in Tbilisi Mariam Gagoshashvili is a queer, feminist activist based in Tbilisi, Georgia (located on the coast of the Black Sea, bordering Russia). Last month, she attended… Read more →
    Keeping It Reel keeping it reel Keeping It Reel This photo comes care of David Shipton, a Sunshine Coast based photographer. This photo is of Eva Fischer on the Northern end of beautiful Fraser… Read more →
    Culture Club Driving to Saturday’s Rally for Refugees This month, Jennifer Strauss is gifting Culture Club with its very first poem! Sheilas poets of all persuasions are hereby ordered to follow Jennifer’s lead… Read more →