Bush Babes

18 / 07 / 2013

This gorgeous snap was taken by Melissa Sanders and pictures Kate Shannon and baby Beatrice. Kate writes:

“This photo was taken at the Darwin Botanic Gardens just a few weeks ago. I was at the gardens with my two-year-old Lola and 5 month old Beatrice (pictured). I had met up with my friend Mel Sanders and her two little boys, and we were wrangling kids and chatting with babies on our hips.

“It was a gorgeous Top End dry season afternoon and the kids were running around happily through the undergrowth of the lush Botanic Gardens. I remember thinking that this afternoon was the stuff that childhood memories are made of – the kids were so free and were having such fun, playing hide and seek behind banana trees, collecting rocks and chasing each other wielding bamboo sticks.

“The snap that Mel took was a bid to capture some moments of me and Bea. Being the second babe, I don’t have that many photos of the two of us together.”

We love it! Thanks to both Kate and Melissa!

More of Melissa’s photos can be followed on Instagram under the name ‘melsanders’. Kate also writes a blog and posts photos here – www.theshanburys.blogspot.com

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