Election Edition

22 / 08 / 2013

G’day Good Sheilas Readers and welcome to our 2013 Federal Election Special Edition!

We’re past the half-way mark of the campaign and we’ve already experienced what we’ve come to not-so-gloriously expect from election campaigns – as Daily Show regular John Oliver so brilliantly demonstrated in his piece for the program (check it out if you haven’t seen – Oliver compares Australia’s month-long campaign to the years-long campaigning focus the USA endures – good for a laugh, which we desperately need at this point).

On that note, check out our resident cartoonist Judy Horacek’s fabulous new artwork for Sheilas readers in this edition – you may laugh … or perhaps cry.

And also along the pisstake road, this month’s Polly Ticks piece from yours truly proposes a different approach – an imaginary election campaign that would actually focus on policy debate – GASP! – in ‘The Western Sydney & Qld Solution‘.

Our two main feature pieces for this month are:

(1) Writer, lawyer and National EMILY’s List Australia Co-Convenor Tanja Kovac provides us with a reflective piece on ‘The Gillard Myth: Searching for the She-ro‘, which examines the role female archetypes and narratives can play in framing the perception of women in leadership positions.   Tanja has also agreed to come on board as a “semi-regular” contributor to Sheilas – and we look forward to some thought-provoking pieces in future editions.

(2) Snapshot of 2013 Candidates. Sheilas emailed a number of candidates from across the political spectrum from both city and country electorates, about what they view as the burning issues in their seat, and why they are best placed to address these issues. And for good measure we threw in some questions about what they see as being important to women voters in their seats. Check out the responses we received – including from the Independent candidate Cathy McGowan AO (Seat of Indi), from the ALP’s Cath Bowtell (Seat of Melbourne), and from the Greens Alex Bhathal (Seat of Batman).

To continue the political theme of this edition, our Bonza Sheila for August is veteran political journalist and author Margo Kingston, while our First Person piece for this month is appropriately from Ruby Bell, a first time voter.

And just for something different, to take a break from the 2013 election, check out Culture Club this month, with an excerpt from an upcoming new book by Anne Ostby entitled ‘Town of Love’, which is published by the independent feminist Spinifex Press.

Of course, Sheilas will be back before polling day with a special Monthly Mail, so make sure you check your email inboxes before 7 September. And for the next major Sheilas edition, we will be publishing another “semi-regular” contributor with an upcoming piece from Clementine Ford. Stay tuned!

Vote early and vote often 😉

Sarah Capper, Editor of Sheilas, Manager of Policy and Communications, Victorian Women’s Trust