September Issue

20 / 09 / 2013

G’day Good Sheilas Readers!

We survived the apocolypse! Welcome to the new world order. Ahem.

We have a new federal Government. We have a new Prime Minister and Cabinet (heavy on blokes, light on sheilas).

And we have a NEW MEMBER FOR INDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For many people, the election of Cathy McGowan as the Independent Member for the federal Seat of Indi has provided a bit of hope on the political landscape – in a grassroots campaign in people power.

The Victorian Women’s Trust (which publishes Sheilas) has had some involvement in Voice 4 Indi – the community group which formed late last year – and after consulting widely within the electorate, endorsed McGowan as their candidate. The whole process, including the VWT’s involvement, is featured in this month’s Polly Ticks column, by yours truly.

We continue to “paint this Sheilas edition orange” (McGowan’s campaign colour) with:

A Bonza Sheila, featuring the ever-talented musician Sal Kimber, who is passionate about Victoria’s North-East region and speaks with us about her involvement in McGowan’s campaign

First Person, which reproduces McGowan’s election night speech and provides links to other articles of interest

Keeping it Reel, which features a beautiful snap taken on election night of Cathy McGowan with the VWT’s Mary Crooks and Alana Johnson, by Wangaratta photographer Wayne Jansson.

Also in this post federal election edition, we feature a piece by writer Clementine Ford on Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s new Cabinet and the [under] representation of women, which our resident cartoonist Judy Horacek also taps into in this edition.

And Kathleen Maltzahn provides a beautiful moving tribute to journalist Elisabeth Wynhausen who passed away (too soon) earlier this month. A great read, highlighting Wynhausen’s integrity as a journalist and her impact on the stories she covered. Vale.

In Culture Club last month we featured an excerpt from Anne Ostby’s book ‘Town of Love‘, produced by feminist publisher Spinifex. This month the good women at Spinifex have provided us with another fascinating read – this time it’s an excerpt from Dublin’s Rachel Moran from her book ‘Paid For’.  (And please note, if you haven’t subscribed to Sheilas, you could miss out on the chance to win copies of some of these books by Spinifex press – simply enter your email address in the ‘Sign Up’ field and you’ll be notified of future Sheilas editions and prizes. Or email us).

Thanks for reading!


Sarah Capper, Editor, Sheilas.