October Edition

18 / 10 / 2013

G’day Good Readers,

Welcome to our October Edition! In it, you will find:

– a tribute to former Democrats leader Janet Powell who passed away recently. Janet was an outstanding Australian making an enormous contribution in political and community spheres and we were incredibly disheartened when a request to offer her a state funeral was refused. VWT Executive Director Mary Crooks explains why governments got it wrong in this instance.

– our thought-provoking regular columnist Tanja Kovac follows up her last piece exploring narratives used in a political leadership context – this time looking at new Prime Minister Tony Abbott exploring the archetypes of strict father, athlete and priest. Another fascinating read – thanks Tanja!

– Polly Ticks looks at the new make-up of the Federal Senate, the explosion of micro party candidates on “tablecloth” length voting forms and ways in which we can reform the system to better reflect voter intentions. Yours truly (Sarah Capper) files under the appropriate headline ‘Roo Poo and Who’s Who in the Senate Zoo

– Our Bonza Sheila is Monica Dux! Author of the Great Feminist Denial and Things I didn’t Expect When I was Expecting,

Judy Horacek provides us with another classic cartoon here, with a nod to Rebecca West,

First Person features an excerpt from the heartbreaking new book by Megan Norris on Cindy Gambino’s story, whose three children were killed by their father in the cruelest act of family violence, ‘On Father’s Day’

– And a special treat in Culture Club this month with some poetry from Elisabeth Morgan who recently left the staff of the Victorian Women’s Trust (but we’re more than happy to keep publishing her as a Sheilas contributor! Thanks Elisabeth!).

And thanks all – Happy reading and Best,

Sarah M. Capper.

Editor, Sheilas, sarah@vwt.org.au