October Poetry Corner

18 / 10 / 2013

Since Sheilas inception, Elisabeth Morgan has provided invaluable support to the Editor Sarah Capper and to the project itself in the role of communications support. She has recently resigned from the Trust (publisher of Sheilas) in favour of a seachange/treechange along the Great Ocean Road, following which she plans to study Auslan (Australian Sign Language).

We are delighted that she can stay in the ‘Sheilas’ family’ by providing contributions! A talented writer, she is yet again “helping” Sarah from a distance this month by opening up our regular ‘Culture Club’ section with some poetry contributions (Jennifer Strauss got the poetry ball rolling in June with this contribution). We publish two of Elisabeth’s poems below – Gillian’s Glasses and 10 Metaphors for Liking Someone Who is Already Taken. We would love to feature more poetry on Sheilas, so budding poets please email us!


Gillian’s Glasses


Frog heartbeats race

river holds its breath

twisting down elm & ivy:

Gillian’s air in the forest.


Sighing through the branches

the company of crickets

lull her intelligence

to sleep inside her books:

Gillian’s glasses on the reeds.


Gillian’s pearls in the lake, sinking:

river holds its breath

silently twisting

along elm and ivy.


Gillian’s air in the branches

lulls her intelligence

to sleep inside her books

and she is left alone

in the forest.


10 Metaphors For Liking Someone Who Is Already Taken


Spreading honey over toast with your index finger


Impersonating a rainbow with only white paint at your disposal


Licking rot from overripe oranges and nauseating


Giving away your weekend money to Hare Krishnas


Sticking tape over your mouth before the punch line


Volunteering for nappy duty as a birthday favour


Taking a six-week course in salad arrangements


Holding your breath inside a tunnel during peak hour


A sense of foreboding incompletion