Ed’s Note

14 / 02 / 2014

G’day and welcome to our first edition of Sheilas for the year!

Our resident cartoonist Judy Horacek helps us usher in the New Year with a classic cartoon. We look forward to producing more of Judy’s work throughout the year – always a joy.

Also in this edition, we welcome Dr Carole Ford from Queensland to the Sheilas’ fold, with her first piece for us on ‘Peppa Pig, Piers and the PM‘, which includes a look at the Government’s response to the ABC.

Our other feature piece, ‘How gotcha moments fed a fully-baked conspiracy‘, is from VWT’s Executive Director Mary Crooks AO, who responds to a recent article published in News Weekly by Patrick J. Byrne. Mary has written this piece to challenge Byrne’s attack on feminists and to correct the public record arising from inaccuracies produced in his piece.

In this month’s ‘Polly Ticks’, I give the Crystal Ball‘ a shine, with some political predictions for 2014 and the year ahead.  I was also privileged this month to spend a few hours with the Honorable Joan Kirner AM, who is our first ‘Bonza Sheila’ for the year – a great afternoon and a subsequent great read.

In Culture Club, we publish the fabulous Karen Pickering and her interview with Tamra Davis – who featured in the documentary ‘The Punk Singer’ on Riot Grrrl Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre fame. And in exciting Sheilas news just at hand, I can announce that Karen will be joining ‘Team Sheilas’ with regular contributions. Yay!

Over at ‘First Person’, we welcome Natalie Banks to this edition with her piece ‘Don’t Take the Bait‘, on her involvement in protesting the WA Government’s controversial new shark culling policy.

And in Keeping it Reel we include a nice, Summery snap from Fi Caryl and Davina Bright, from their recent bicycle trip adventures down the East Coast. Thanks Fi and Davina for sharing!

We wish all our readers and contributors a healthy and happy 2014 ahead.

Until next edition,

Sarah Capper, Editor