Seven Mile Beach Dreaming

14 / 02 / 2014

A summer snap, indeed.  This photo is of Fi Caryl and Davina Bright who recently completed a massive bike trek from Newcastle, NSW, to Bairnsdale, Victoria … push bikes, yes! 

Fi writes: 

“This was taken at Seven Mile Beach National Park near Shoalhaven Heads, NSW. I think we were about 300km into our epic 1000km cycling adventure from Nelson Bay (Port Stephens, just north of Newcastle, NSW) to Bairnsdale, Victoria, on day four of 14.

“The previous day riding from Bundeena (just south of Sydney) to Kiama (south of Wollongong) was one of the longest days we had cycled (around 100km), and one of the hardest. Conditions were really oppressive along that stretch of the Pacific Highway – the thunder of traffic, stench of road kill, relentless hill climbs, and baking sun. Leaving our camp at Kiama early the next morning after watching the sunrise with a cup of tea, we dropped into Gerroa to have a break from all the road traffic with a refreshing dip at Seven Mile Beach.

“After pushing our bikes through the sandy scrub, we came out onto the beach – glorious smooth, hard-packed sand for as far as the eye could see (10km to be precise)! A momentary discussion about whether the salt and sand would wreck our bikes for the rest of the trip was abandoned as we decided that we couldn’t NOT ride them the entire length of the beach! There was barely another soul in sight. The tide was low. The sand was smoother than any paved road we’d ridden, and, best of all, there was no traffic. No noisy terrifying trucks careering past just that little bit too close. Just the waves and miles and miles of perfect sand.

“We abandoned our cycle helmets – road rules don’t apply – and enjoyed the most perfect, and memorable, 10km of our entire 1000km journey. Riding your bicycle on a perfect beach is the epitome of freedom. Doing so as part of an epic adventure with your best friend is the epitome of joy.”

BEAUTIFUL! Thanks Fi and Davina for sharing this terrific yarn and pic. Hope the legs are well-rested having safely arrived back in Melbourne.


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