Peppa Pig, Piers and the PM

14 / 02 / 2014

The national broadcaster is in the firing line, with Prime Minister Tony Abbott even going so far as to suggest the public institution is unpatriotic. The PM’s comments that the ABC lacks “basic affection for our home team,” and “appears to take everyone’s side but our own” have caused controversy and consternation, stirring up the threat of impending cuts to the public broadcaster, despite the Coalition’s election promise to the contrary.

But the attacks on our respected national broadcaster have deeper roots than this recent accusation of unpatriotic behaviour. Carole Ford, Co-ordinator of the Cairns Women’s Network, has an interesting twist to this pincer attack – she shows how a detestation of feminism has motivated various commentators in the mainstream commercial media to blacken the reputation of the ABC.

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migliori siti di trading binario By Carole Ford

köpa Viagra i usa Just when women felt it safe to venture outside the kitchen, figuratively and politically speaking, a nationally recognised newspaper columnist appears determined to fan the smouldering embers of the gender war. training azioni binarie During the years of Julia Gillard’s leadership, the public were regaled with damning critique and criticism that was demonstrably gender-based.  Without labouring the point, a few comments from both within and without the House that were indelibly embedded in the discussion involved the PM making “an honest woman of herself” and being “deliberately barren”; an invocation that she was another MP’s “bitch”; and the suggestion that she was supported by the ‘feminazis’ from the handbag mafia determined to “destroy the joint.”  It was not an enlightened period to be a woman!

binäre optionen bei der sparkasse Astonishingly, detractors of Australia’s first female PM assured us that gender was never an issue:  Gillard and her supporters were merely playing the “gender card” to garner community sympathy and stifle rigorous debate.  While Australian mainstream media recognised nothing inherently biased in the pernicious, and at times vicious, attacks internationally an incredulous world media reported it somewhat differently.

binäre optionen traden ohne mindesteinzahlung With Ms Gillard’s exit from the political stage and the election of a Government notable for its  scarcity of women,  it appeared the blue-tie boys were emancipated from constraints of political correctness or any semblance of consideration for things female.

simulatore trading Of course, women’s rights would be well-protected by the installation of the first male Minister for Women, none other than the PM-elect himself, aided and abetted by the redoubtable Senator Michaelia Cash as Minister Assisting.  Who could forget the Senator’s dramatic harangue of Penny Wong and the “sisterhood”?  To use a well-known cliché, while her outburst gained notoriety, Cash shouldn’t give up her day job!

تعلم الكتابة Into this apparently gender-neutral political environment stomps columnist and media personality Piers Akerman, intent on diverting attention away from the miserable performance of the 100-day Abbott Government.  His target: one of his perennial favourites, the ABC.   His rant degenerates into an unbelievable exposé of  popular children’s cartoon figure Peppa Pig which he admonishes for pushing “a weird and feminist line that would be closer to the hearts of Labor’s handbag Hit Squad than the preschool audience it is aimed at.” (Did he really finish the sentence with a preposition?)

forum de opções binarias Social media went into hilarity meltdown, provoked into incredulous and sustained laughter from tweeters, bloggers and facebookers alike.

codice bonus iq option As a somewhat experienced consumer of the animated porcine prima donna, I was perplexed by his assessment, so I sought the perspective of an expert, my four-year-old granddaughter.  In depth investigative questioning revealed that she likes Peppa Pig because she is pretty, clever, kind and looks after her little brother.  Nothing too ideological about that, although a female lead character with a program named after her in which she actually provides much of the dialogue is different from most cartoons, but hardly “weirdly feminist.” beste binaire opties site Then the subtlety of what originally appeared a crude argument becomes clearer.  Akerman is encouraging supporter and dissenter alike to tacitly agree that there would be a concern if Peppa Pig was actually promoting an inherently feminist agenda on our ABC.   As feminists we should be applauding any attempt to expand the ideological mindset of viewers, even those in pink-packet pull-up training pants.  To leave Akerman’s fluff journalism unchallenged would be condoning his analysis that the only relevant viewpoints are conservative.

binäre options strategien And this is a perspective that Akerman, along with a gaggle of other media conservatives, has maintained since the days of the Howard Government.  What is illuminating is that the same names of those complicit in the denigration and denunciation of former PM Gillard are at the forefront of current criticism of the independence – or lack of it – of the ABC.  Perpetual critics like Akerman, Shanahan, Devine, Albrechtsen, Bolt and Jones to identify a few of the prominent and virulent  voices, are conducting a sustained campaign to discredit the impartiality of the national broadcaster.

recensione broker option navigator As then-Opposition Leader Tony Abbott declared in July 2011, “it’s important that the media in Australia robustly hold government to account and any attempt by government to slide out from critical scrutiny is just wrong.”  This appears absurdly incongruent when compared to Abbott’s recent revelation on his mate Alan Jones’ radio program, that he is dismayed by the ABC taking an “un-Australian” stance in the reporting of some issues.  Is he suggesting that the ABC should withhold credible information from the Australian public because the truth may be somehow unpalatable to his government?  Abbott, a staunch advocate of argument-by-slogan, may like to ponder on the observation (displayed on the Gosford Anglican Church noticeboard): “No ABC.  No Know”.

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binäre optionen für anfänger Undoubtedly, the strategic manoeuvring against the ABC by the LNP and its loyal sycophants is gathering momentum, despite Abbott’s reassurance the day before the election that the ABC and SBS would be exempt from funding cuts.  Indications that the Abbott government could axe the ABC’s Australia Network Asian broadcasting service, followed closely by an announcement that an “efficiency study” of the ABC and SBS will be launched to report back before the next budget, are just two of the ominous signs.  They give some substance to Abbott’s more recent disparaging and negative pronouncements regarding the national broadcaster, a perspective in which he is vigorously supported by coalition Senators Ian McDonald and Eric Abetz among others. robt optione binary goldeen Interestingly, on the conservative side of politics, there is a determined but virtually lone voice which supports the integrity of the ABC, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.  It seems ironic that if budgetary cutbacks are implemented, he will have the unenviable task of explaining them to what is sure to be community outrage.  One is left to contemplate whether Abbott’s stance is personal, ideological, political or just plain payback.  Most likely, it is an indefinable intersection of them all. operazioni binarie truffe And a final word of caution for Mr Akerman, the Peppa Pig antagonist.  Rumour has it that Mr Squiggle, a previous doyen of the afternoon kiddies, is actually manipulated by someone else.   Thankfully, that would never happen in politics or the media.