The AFL v Tania Hird

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las reformas en el sistema de comercio wikipedia “I’m not a piece of cattle and I’m not an employee and I think it’s really offensive to suggest that I’d be hauled anywhere.”  When Tania Hird spoke out in defence of her husband James in an interview with the 7.30 Report, recriminations, on everything from her appearance to her right to free speech, came thick and fast. Barrister, writer, and former Victorian Equal Opportunity Commissioner Moira Rayner addresses the bullies and bigots who, to use an AFL idom, chose to “play the woman, and not the ball.”

opzioni binarie segnali sicuri By Moira Rayner

beste binäre optionen signale A message to the football world: Tania Hird has the right to speak her mind, and she did, and it’s important that we respect it.

För Viagra 100 mg master The AFL is a big business that somehow defines Australia’s character. It is an institution that reflects the family dynamics of the smallest democracy in society, in which the rights and wrongs experienced by individual members affect its ability to function. And it is, or should be, an institution that gives all of its members a voice.

beställa Tadalafil billigt When Tania Hird spoke out about the injustice of her husband’s treatment by the Essendon Football Club there was unleashed a gutter-full of vitriol and bullying. This overflowed the drain when the Club announced that she was to be ‘hauled’ before the committee set to determine her husband’s future as Essendon’s coach.

beställa Sildenafil Citrate på faktura Prior to that, Eddie McGuire was prepared to announce that James Hird’s career was sunk, because of his wife’s fierce denunciation of not only James’s treatment but her children, who were copping abuse in the street. Her message was a bombshell only to those who do not understand football culture and who do not know how The Family – the institutional AFL– was prepared to crush dissent, isolate and silence its employee,  while the engineers of Hird’s suspension were feted and praised.

fincar for sale Caroline Wilson, a respected sports journalist, and a woman, was as willing to attack the husband for the words of his wife as the hundreds of commentators and AFL hangers-on who criticised, denigrated and ridiculed her outspokenness and ‘brief’ willing recipients on her intelligence – ‘she’s just a dumb housewife’, a ‘dumb bitch’, stupid, a goose  – and her judgment – ‘she needs to shut up’ The assumption that she was ‘put up’ to it by her husband, ‘delivering her husband’s lines’ and that Hird ‘needs to control those around him’ (by Paul Little on 3AW) were as offensive as the claim that she had no credibility with her privileged lifestyle, a ‘spoiled princess’ living on Toorak and popping off to Paris for a few months on the Essendon teat.

opcje binarne skuteczna strategia The most disappointing ‘critiques’ were of Tania’s looks: she ‘needs plastic surgery’, she’s had a facelift and it didn’t work, her rage was ‘bottled’ – a snide reference to the colour of her hair – as well as self-centred and dumb.

Chiaramente, alcuni giorni si fanno più soldi, e alcuni giorni se ne fanno meno. iq option forbidden Se si guadagna ci sarà la soddisfazione reciproca. Tania’s claim was that the AFL had a bullying culture. The reaction to her words, rather than those of four equally loquacious men on the same TV program, tended to prove not only that her observations had substance, but also that women should not seek to upset a powerful, masculinist elite. These were concerted, well-briefed attacks on her integrity and substance as a human being.

el mejor corredor de opciones binarias The anti-Tania campaign was a reminder that what men and women of goodwill had hoped-for, substantial improvement in the status of women in general, and married women in particular, was illusory. Tania Hird was exercising the undoubted right, in a representative democratic society, of any person to express an unpopular view in the interests of justice, as she experienced it. She had that right, as did the many bigots who chose to play the woman, and not the ball, especially those such as McGuire, Stefanovic, Smith, Little and Wilson, who have the public ear in television, on radio, and in the print and electronic media. Their message was blunt. Shut up, or your husband will pay. Or worse, because you didn’t play the ditzy blonde role and smile sweetly, he has already paid.

iq option condizioni vip Many years ago, while I was still the Victorian Commissioner for Equal Opportunity, Gai Waterhouse – a brilliant horse trainer and member of the racing aristocracy – was deprived of her livelihood (if not her raison d’être for living)- solely because her husband had been accused of involvement in a racing scandal. Waterhouse made use of sex discrimination laws to challenge her unfavourable treatment because of her marital status – the assumption that a married woman is ‘one flesh’ with her husband and thus jointly guilty of any offence that he may have committed.

binary option short term signals This was an ancient common law assumption derived not only from entrenched social disadvantage of all women, but also from the ancient legal rules that protected a woman from being obliged to give evidence against her spouse, and coincidentally also gave her husband the right to control her property, her income, her ability to borrow, her own legal status as a citizen, and even the custody of her children.

binära optioner youtube Those laws have long gone, but the sexist assumptions behind them have, clearly, not. Waterhouse successfully challenged the decision of the racing institutions that sought to punish an innocent third party for the purported crime or perceived character of her husband.  It did not change the culture. The AFL’s spokesmen and tippers reaction to Tania Hird being outspoken proved that its high-profile- attack on player misogyny and its embrace of ‘diversity’, was skin-deep.

får man köpa Viagra på nätet Tania and James Hird apparently have a good, solid marriage. Their family has a human right to be protected from attacks on its integrity. That means, in this day and age, that a married woman is entitled to have and express a view. The attempt make a spouse an unspoken and invisible ‘party’ to the agreement James Hird entered into with Essendon, which silenced him but gave Demetriou and anybody else freedom to allow suspicions to fester, should have been unthinkable.. She was right: she could not be ‘hauled’ before a board of the body that employed her husband.

Some women and men who commented on the controversy recognised Tania Hird as fulfilling the traditional role of wives of powerful men, standing by her man. Others looked at the content of her speech, and not the stereotype. And a few of them said, she’s got the right to speak her mind.

This disappointing episode reveals that the AFL is, indeed, a family; a patriarchal one; a dysfunctional family unit being consumed from within by its own secrets, power plays, and bullies. And the popular media is little better.

The price of liberation from prejudice and belittlement of women is indeed, eternal vigilance.

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