22 / 05 / 2014

G’day and welcome to a bumper budget edition for May,

In this edition we feature:

Sheree Rubinstein’s piece on the mass abduction of schoolgirls in Nigeria last month and the need for continued activism on a global scale, both online and offline, and why we must never give up the fight for education.

Amy Gray‘s article challenging the rhetoric of the “budget emergency”, and questioning the impetus behind the Prime Minister’s Paid Parental Leave scheme.

Polly Ticks, in which many column inches (and website clicks) of commentary have been scanned following last Tuesday’s budget handed down by Treasurer Joe Hockey (sans cigar). We look at how it affects women, and the worrying ideology that is driving the policies behind it.

– the fabulous historian Clare Wright, who just won the Stella prize for her book ‘The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka’ and is this month’s very worthy ‘Bonza Sheila‘.

– the redoubtable Karen Pickering, who we welcome as a regular contributor to ‘Culture Club‘, with her piece on the increasing amount of violence against women on our tely screens.

Rebecca Shaw (or Brocklesnitch as we know her from Twitter), a Brisbane-based writer who we are delighted to include in this month’s ‘First Person‘ with her ‘Love letter’ to the internet (and how it helped her through adolescence in country Queensland).

IN pictures this month we have a brand spanking new original from the ever-talented Judy Horacek, while VWT colleague Beth Nokes provides us with a Keeping it Reel snap from last Saturday’s ‘March in May’, protesting against the federal budget.

Lots of cigars to be had! Huge thanks to all who have contributed this month.


Sarah Capper, Editor