A Feminists Guide to Taking Time-Off

binäre optionen basiswert Regular Sheilas contributor and writer Clementine Ford gives us a run-down on how to relax from the daily tremors of being a feminist. She explains some of the internal conflicts in being a ‘modern feminist’ – that is, in wanting to take a ‘rain-check’ from the ongoing work that’s still yet-to-be-done versus living in a world drowning in popular culture.

http://www.divestit.com.au/?parasyk=spiegazione-binary-option-robot&93f=77 spiegazione binary option robot By Clementine Ford

bdswisst erfahrungen Being a feminist can be pretty exhausting. There’s a lot of fighting and disagreement, and getting testicle blood out of your clothes isn’t as easy as you’d think. Sometimes, we just want to take a break.

Köp Atarax på nätet Hultsfred But taking a break from feminism means having to ignore some pretty grating stuff. Parody website The Onion recently published an article with the simple title ‘Woman Takes Short Half-Hour Break From Being Feminist To Enjoy TV Show’. We guffawed and grimaced in equal measure, those thirteen words encapsulating so much truth that they may as well have been our generation’s The Female Eunuch.

tecnica opzioni binarie 15 minuti As The Onion reported, “[Natalie] Jenkins acknowledged that she witnessed dozens of moments in [Say Yes To The Dress] in which the brides-to-be abandoned the notion that they should be valued for their personalities and intellects and instead seemed to derive their sole sense of worth from embellishing their appearance, However, she said she was able to consistently remind herself that this was ‘Natalie time’ and the that feminist ‘could do without[her] for 30 minutes’.”

binaire opties opgelicht As a card carrying boner killer with an passion for clashin’, I can relate to young Natalie. Sometimes, you just want to go to a place where you can forget about the world’s insidiously aggressive attacks on women’s autonomy and dignity. That place is called ‘denial’, and it can be found in any number of tacky-yet-captivating forms of entertainment that, if you were to really think about them, should be thrown into a space jalopy and jettisoned into the sun.

http://www.mylifept.com/?refriwerator=youtube-bin%C3%A4re-optionen-f%C3%BCr-anf%C3%A4nger&61f=18 youtube binäre optionen für anfänger But anyway, here’s some things that are pretty fun to do when you’re busy taking a break from constant vigilance.

opcje binarne w złotówkach 1. Real Housewives of Melbourne marathon

köpa säker Viagra Words haven’t been invented yet to adequately describe the absolute train wreck that is RHOM. With the exception of big haired Gina and big hearted Chyka, the women are absolutely heinous. If Andrea Moss (who owns the kind of South Melbourne clinic which sucks fat out of women’s asses and puts it into their lips) were actually smart, she could be mistaken for the devil incarnate. My mother always used to say that she wished people with money would wake up with class and people with class would wake up with money. It wasn’t until I watched Professional Trophy Wife Lydia trying to buy art for her ‘snow house’ that I really understood what she meant. Anyway, I love it and I can’t wait for season two. TEAM GINA!

auto trader opzioni binarie 2. Twilight

http://cardigansarah.com/?sinevo=opzioni-binarie-bonus-senza-deposito-settembre-2014 opzioni binarie bonus senza deposito settembre 2014 Don’t misunderstand me. I truly loathed these books and everything they stood for. It distressed me no end to realise that women and girls the world over considered Edward ‘I will stalk you, watch you while you sleep and remove vital mechanics from your car engine to prevent you leaving your house’ Cullen to be the 21st century’s answer to Mr. Darcy. And short of actually submitting a lump of drying porridge to publishers, it would be difficult to write a more boring and one dimensional sourpuss than Bella Swan. As a quadrilogy, Twilight is an offensive exercise in abuse apology, sexism and just really bad writing. But I still devoured it like liquid crack, taking tortured delight in its supreme atrocity. And say what you want about Stephanie Meyer, but she knows how to surprise you. For example, I didn’t think she could trump the scene when Edward eats through Bella’s womb to deliver their half-vampire baby while Bella’s lifeless body lies stretched out before him. But then she names the baby Renesmee. Pretty good.

3. One Direction

It’s not quite as offensive as the other things on this list, but it’s still a little suspect. Mainly because the boys are barely out of short trousers, and sometimes I think about Harry and Louis kissing each other and touching where their bathing suits cover. But songs with messages like ‘you don’t know you’re beautiful and that’s what makes you beautiful’ are pretty barf-worthy. To be honest, I actually don’t even listen to their music. I just look at gifs collected on Buzzfeed of the guys being cool with each other and Harry being a little minx. So not only am I taking a break from feminism, I’m also being a bit sexist too. It’s complicated, which is a little bit like Harry and Louis’ friendship/love affair.

4. Four Weddings, or any iteration on a ‘reality’ wedding show

There are few things less feminist than watching women plan their own weddings, except for women who are planning their own weddings in competition with each other. But I get such a sick pleasure from watching these women score each other on how super their Perfect Princess Party day is, from the ridiculous hypocritical white dresses to whether or not the food is ‘proper wedding food’ or the venue is ‘just not what I picture for a wedding’. Sadly, it seems that money always wins out in the end and the poor old couple who can only afford a fry up at the local pub never seem to win that free honeymoon. Still, the important thing is that we’ve watched four grown women humiliate themselves on television by participating in the glorified infantilisation that is the wedding industry. And that’s nothing to be sneezed at.

5. Channel 7’s Sunrise

Just kidding! I’m having a break, not a lobotomy.

And then it’s back to work. Because a feminist’s fury is never quelled.


Clementine Ford will be a speaker at our upcoming ‘Trust Friends’ event ‘The Great Debate’ (for supporters of the Victorian Women’s Trust which publishes Sheilas). She’ll be appearing with other keynote speakers and Sheilas regulars – including Nelly Thomas, Amy Gray, Richard Denniss, Karen Pickering and Tim Dunlop – debating the topic ‘That there is a crisis of trust in Australian politics’. You can view the details of the event here.