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21 / 08 / 2014

This month, the Victorian Women’s Trust (publisher of Sheilas) launched the Monster Petition Climate Change Petition. You can read about it in this edition in Mary Crooks and Judy Brett’s piece here, or go directly to the project page here. With a nod to this initiative – which aims to collect a “monster” amount of signatures to petition the House of Representatives to get serious about climate change – our resident cartoonist Judy Horacek has dug up this classic art work to share with Sheilas readers.

Better yet, Judy has kindly donated two limited edition screen prints of this work to give away to a couple of extra resourceful petitioners. Thank you, Judy! For details, check out the e-publication of our next Monthly Mail, sent to subscribers only. Not a subscriber? It’s FREE! Simply add your email address to the ‘Sign-Up’ field in the top right hand corner of this website.  As well as being alerted to new editions of Sheilas and the Monthly Mail, free subscription also puts you in the running to receive prizes and giveaways like this one – so sign-up yourself, or email

We love showcasing the artwork of world-renowned cartoonist Judy Horacek. Each month we include a Horacek cartoon – a mix of original pieces for Sheilas, or alternatively, a classic favourite. Check out the Sheilas’ Horacek! archive here.

More of Judy’s work (including merchandise) can be found via her website.

You can also follow Judy on twitter, or like her on facebook.