Reflections of GOFF

19 / 09 / 2014

Last weekend, regular Sheilas’ Culture Club columnist (now that’s a mouthful!) Karen Pickering organised the first ever ‘Girls on Film Festival’, held at the Northcote Townhall, with movie screenings, Q n A discussions, parties and dancing happening right across the weekend. Post celebrations, she provides us with some insights and reflections of the inaugural GOFF. Yes, that’s right, stay tuned for GOFF mark II in 2015! binaryoptions borsa SHEILAS ED, SARAH CAPPER [SC]:    You’ve just finished co-ordinating a massive weekend for the Girls on Film Festival. Congrats! All in all, did the festival meet your expectations?

أفضل برنامج للكتابة على الصور للأندرويد KAREN PICKERING [KP]:    It completely surpassed them! We had big crowds, happy punters and the whole organising team had a ball. Nominate a couple of highlights. Opening Night was brilliant. Such an incredible feeling in the room and we were thrilled that everybody loved a The Runaways as much as we do. After watching a movie about girls in a rock n roll band taking on the world and winning you can bet there was some serious commitment on the dance floor and Modesty plus DJs Heather + Heather were a hit. I’m also told the food was incredible but I’ll have to take your word for it! iq option 100 [SC]:   Is there anything like GOFF, anywhere else?

opzioni binrie [KP]:   There are film festivals that focus on women and female filmmakers, definitely, and there are even a few festivals overseas that explicitly call themselves feminist, but no, there’s nothing quite like GOFF. With the tag line “Movies. Parties. Feminism.” we’re really clear in our motives and I don’t know of another film festival with the same goals.

binära optioner på avanza [SC]:   The festival program seemed pretty diverse, and even included movies for young children as well as young women. How much thought went into this – how did you approach the task of appealing to different female audiences?

fare operazioni binarie su siti affidabili italiani [KP]:   A massive amount of time and energy went into the programming. We wanted some kids and teen viewing, a balance of drama and comedy, diversity of voices and backgrounds, and for all the movies to be celebratory in some way. It was that all the comedy was dark and all the drama had a lightness or comedic element to it. The flow of the program was important too; with ten films that were all about women and girls in a fight to be taken seriously, we wanted the audiences to really go on that journey with the characters.

top binary options brokers 2017 [SC]:   Some screenings also included a Q and A panel discussion following the films. What was one of the highlights of these discussions?

binära optioner deklaration [KP]:   We hosted Nakkiah Lui and Rachael Maza in conversation after Radiance, which was a real privilege and an utter delight to see them captivate the audience with a really relaxed chat that ranged over so many topics. Sarah-Jane Woulahan and Cerise Howard’s in conversation after Heavenly Creatures was also fantastic. After watching a film like that it was such a gift to have it contextualised from a cinematic, cultural and feminist perspective. And of course, T is for Teacher saw director Rohan Spong in conversation with TGV President Grace Lee and Cerise again, and that was completely beautiful too. There were a lot of tears she’d during that screening, of joy and pain and catharsis, so what an amazing thing to have the director and two incredible women there to look at a few angles and flesh out the story.

binäre option gratis probiren [SC]:   Is there anything you’d do differently?

försäljning av Viagra [KP]:   I would try the food on Opening Night! Really though, nothing jumps to mind. The team that made GOFF happen are the absolute best and I reckon they got everything completely right.

cambio valuta online [SC]:   Will there be a GOFF 2?

24 hour binäre optionen [KP]:   You bet! We’re already planning GOFF 15 and even considering year-round programming. The last few months of hanging out with our community has shown us what a huge appetite there is for pop culture that’s also feminist and that’s our passion too. We’re also looking at taking GOFF on the road and sharing the love with other parts of the country – I reckon there are a few cities that would love to see us roll into town for the weekend.

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Sildenafil Citrate am billigsten For more information, you can check out this year’s website (and program), like GOFF on Facebook, and keep reading Sheilas ‘Culture Club’ for any news about GOFF Mark II!

buy rx Keflex without FEMINIST MUSIC LOVERS – please also note – in the lead-up to this year’s festival, Karen and other organisers ran a ‘GOFF Mix Tape’ social media compilation and the results are now in, with the release of the ‘GOFF 100 – The Ultimate Feminist Mixtape’!!  Featuring Kate Bush, Le Tigre, Aretha Franklin, Debbie Harry, Sleater-Kinney, PJ Harvey, Bikini Kill & More … Suck My Left One! Click here to listen.