Monster Climate Change Petitioning

30 / 10 / 2014

Dr Rachel Buchanan and daughter Frances ‘keeping it reel’ while collecting signatures for the Monster Climate Change Petition!

The Monster Climate Change Petition is an initiative launched by a dozen concerned Australian women – urging our Federal Government to show more leadership on the issue of climate change, demanding a more active role in reducing our carbon emissions.

The Victorian Women’s Trust, which publishes Sheilas, is providing the administrative base of the campaign – collecting petition signatures (due in to the VWT by 8 November), to be presented to the federal House of Representatives later in November. The name of the initiative deliberately includes the words ‘Monster Petition’, as a nod to the Victorian suffragettes who campaigned for the right to vote and were able to secure an amazing 30,000 signatures in the year 1891 as part of their campaign (a remarkable feat, click here for more information).

Rachel was inspired to collect the signatures with her three daughters:

“I had my clipboard at school, at the netball centre, at rehearsals for the Boite’s Millennium Chorus, at parties, at home and at work. I loved explaining the reference to the 1891 monster petition for the right to vote and thought this was a good way to get this feminist triumph back into public memory.”

Indeed! HUGE thanks to Rachel and her three daughters for sharing their story (and photo) with us.

As Rachel has demonstrated, anyone can sign the petition – bar current members of the House of Representatives – and House petitions must be ‘pen and ink’ signatures (hence the hardcopy format).

And there’s still time to collect! All the information about this campaign is available via the Monster Climate Change Petition website – click HERE. Or keep in touch with the campaign via the Facebook page.


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