October Ed

30 / 10 / 2014


And welcome to this edition of Sheilas. This month we feature Ruby Hamad in our news section – a timely piece examining Islamaphobia – well worth the read.

Also in news, we thought it worth highlighting Vichealth’s recent addition to its National Community Attitudes Survey on violence against women – which, while highlighting some gains made in attitude change, also has some alarming results.

Polly Ticks pays tribute to former PM Gough Whitlam, who passed away last week, asking our current pollies to reflect on the legacy they wish to leave.

A Bonza Sheila is the redoubtable feminist writer Amy Gray – who provides some terrific insight into her approach to writing and indeed feminism.

Our Culture Club columnist Karen Pickering steps into the murky area that is reviewing the film ‘Gone Girl‘, and in First Person, we publish a compelling anonymous account of what it is like to live with (and beyond) family violence – another great piece to check out.

Our Horacek for this month features a classic – thanks to the ever-talented Judy, while in Keeping it Reel we have featured the Monster Climate Change Petition – and yes, there’s still time to send in signatures!

Thanks for reading and until next time,

Sarah Capper, Editor.