Horacek! A Cinderella Story

20 / 03 / 2015

This brilliant Horecek cartoon is from 1989, only a few years after the Victorian Women’s Trust started in 1985. It shares the impulse of starting a feminist discussion, something that was crucial for Australia as a nation to have (and still is today).

To celebrate the Victorian Women’s Trust 30th birthday this year, we’re counting down 30 years of momentous moments in the life of the VWT, along with some great pop-culture vignettes as we move through the years and photo archives. To follow our evolution and keep in touch with what’s going on at the Trust this year (big party planning involved), head over to our website and subscribe to our e-bulletin on the right-hand side.

We’re over the moon to be showcasing regular artwork by world-renowned cartoonist Judy Horacek for 2015. Each edition of Sheilas this year will have a Horacek cartoon – a mix of original pieces for Sheilas and classic favourites.

You can find out about more of Judy’s work by visiting her website here.

You can also purchase the second edition of her highly acclaimed I Am Woman Hear Me Draw, which includes the original selection of cartoons – this time in full colour – 14 additional cartoons, and an introductory essay by the cartoonist. Challenging, hilarious, tragic and thought-provoking, these wonderful cartoons provide a snapshot of where women are today.

You can also follow Judy on Twitter, or like her on Facebook.