Keeping Girlhood Reel

20 / 03 / 2015

The photographic tour de force which is the Girlhood Project is the work of Marisa Ho. Triggered by a milestone birthday, check Ho found herself reflecting on her journey thus far, tadalafil on the person she was at the start of her adult life, and trying to understand who she was then, and how her earlier self had shaped her journey and the person she’d since become. Being the mother of a nine year old daughter, as well as a talented up-and-coming photographer, Ho’s birthday musings were the spark that drove an ongoing fascination with discovering and revealing more about today’s generation of girls.

Hence, the Girlhood Project was born. Ho invited girls between the age of thirteen and sixteen to be photographed ‘as themselves’ – natural, make up free, direct to camera, unsmiling, unflinchingly honest. Ho then asked her young subjects to write something important and relevant to them; to their lives. Placing their written words alongside their image brings the intent of the project powerfully to life. So far Ho has photographed twenty girls for this series, which is an ongoing project.

Ho says of Girlhood:

For most people who view this series, I believe they will come to this work with their own pre-conceived ideas about today’s generation of girls. These expectations may be informed by their own adolescence, standards, stereotypes and biases. They may also be coloured by the portrayal of girls in the media and popular culture. My goal with this series is to challenge the viewer to see each girl, in way that they see themselves. I hope that to some extent, this has been achieved.

We believe it has, in spades! Girlhood is under wraps until project completion, so as not to influence other potential participants, but you can see more of Marisa’s photographic work, at

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