Ed’s Note April

20 / 04 / 2015

Welcome to the April edition of Sheilas, sovaldi sale and goodness, see where’s the year getting to already? And what’s the world coming to, medicine for that matter?

This month, Sheilas takes on an internationalist vibe, with Ruby Hamad brilliantly dissecting the West’s complicity in some of the world’s worst conflicts. How Sweden, global purveyors of kit furniture and fish breakfasts, and known for their progressive take on just about everything, have made a mint manufacturing and selling arms to oppressive middle eastern regimes. Horacek goes global this month quoting the late great Ghandi, and our Bonza Sheila, Melany Markham, is an aid worker in South Sudan. Culture Club features migrant mothers and this month’s giveaway continues the theme with free passes to the Immigration Museum’s amazing Freedom exhibition (with thanks to Padmini Sebastian, VWT Board member and Immigration Museum Manager).

Closer to home, Susan Mitchell takes aim at a leader who does seem to march to the beat of a different drum to most of us, socially speaking. And why he’ll never change.

Happy reading Sheilas! As always, comments, feedback and pitches are most welcome.