MayDay Ed’s Note

25 / 05 / 2015

Welcome to Sheilas May edition. As Winter closes in, sildenafil our fearless correspondents turn to interior pursuits, pills on screens big and small. Karen Pickering reviews a film in which the depiction of sexual violence is a necessary device to build empathy, pills understanding and justifiable outrage, while Amal Awad writes on the rise and rise of rape on television as a tool of viewer titillation, shock value, and inexplicably, entertainment. Kerry-Anne Walsh wonders where the accolades are for Christine Milne as she exits the scene with a quarter century of achievement under her belt. Noni Hazlehurst, a Bonza Sheila who surely needs no introduction, shares her wit, wisdom and formula for a no-fuss dinner party. Horacek suggests, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, that when all else fails we can always get the Windex out. And then there’s the option of a hasty retreat to a darkened cinema, choc top at the ready, and escapism via a female-over-fifty-led crowd-pleaser. With special thanks to Cinema Nova.

Trish & Beth