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    Editor's Note Joan Kirner and Dont Get Mad Get Elected Ed’s Note June – Vale Joan Kirner Welcome to June Sheilas! This month’s edition is dedicated to the late, physician great Joan Kirner AC, who passed away earlier this month. A long-time… Read more →
    Horacek! Leader-looking-at-her - Horacek A Horacek! To Joan This glorious cartoon by Judy Horacek first appeared in the Women’s Power Handbook, written by former Victorian Premier Joan Kirner AC and barrister and writer… Read more →
    News Gillian Truggs Nothing But The Truth Leading Sheilas this month, journalist Ruby Hamad (Daily Life, The Drum) considers the outrageous treatment of Gillian Triggs, in the context of not only Australia’s… Read more →
    News Joan with pre-school kids Jenny Beacham tribute We Remember, Joan Kirner Former Labor State Secretary Jenny Beacham, sovaldi a long-time and dear friend of Joan’s, medicine spoke eloquently and movingly at her funeral. With Jenny’s permission,… Read more →
    A Bonza Sheila Joan Kirner and Paul Keating Revisiting A Bonza Joan Kirner For this special edition of our June Sheilas, dedicated to the wonderful Joan Kirner, we’re reproducing a fantastic – and must read – interview conduction… Read more →
    Culture Club the killing season What ‘The Killing Season’ Has Shown Us Prodigiously talented Culture Club stalwart Karen Pickering this month faces her fears and takes a fresh look at a topsy turvy time in federal politics… Read more →
    Keeping It Reel JOan and Julia Joan Keeping It Reel As Always Joan Kirner may have been depicted hundreds of times wearing polka dots, but it is the image of her in a leather jacket, holding a… Read more →
    First Person Stella Bridie As A Young Woman in Leadership Earlier this month, the Victorian Women’s Trust had the pleasure of having young Stella Bridie undertake her work experience at our office. Already an avid… Read more →