Ed’s Note August

24 / 08 / 2015

Greetings and welcome to Sheilas August! At the start of the year, we brought you Young Sheilas. This month, we’re celebrating sixty-plus Sheilas in honour of Renata Singer’s remarkable new book, Older & Bolder, which features the amazing stories of 28 extraordinary women, all aged over 80, and living legends to a one. Renata shares a little of her intent below. Elisabeth Kirkby is this month’s Bonza and surely Australia’s unofficial pin-up girl for positive ageing. Karen Pickering writes on the fabulously bolshie Knitting Nannas Against Gas, and Amal Awad investigates the wellness industry; something many of us will dabble in as we age. Judy Horacek delivers a giggle, as always, and the Hockey Masters provide a neat segue into next month’s theme, which is Women in Sport (and where’s our primetime coverage?).

PS! Thanks to Sharmill Films, we’ve been given 10 DOUBLE PASSES to the preview screening of ‘London Road’ to giveaway to our Sheilas readers! To enter, simply email Sheilas (sheilas@vwt.org.au) with the subject ‘London Road’. The preview screening lifts off on the 10th September, 6:30pm at Cinema Nova, Carlton.