Horacek Sharing Some Compassion

29 / 04 / 2016


This month, Judy Horacek shares with Sheilas a ‘classic Horacek,’ and a timely one at that. This is something many of us need reminding of when it comes to people seeking asylum – Australian government, we’re looking at you.

We’re delighted to announce that Judy Horacek and Mem Fox, the team that brought the best-selling Where is the Green Sheep? have a new story to tell. A story of THIS, and a story of THAT. An utterly delightful bedtime tale. Published by Scholastic and available in all good bookshops.

It is also available online at Judy Horacek’s website shop, along with lots of other goodies (prints, cards, books). Unfortunately the Trust is not selling Judy’s book but please visit your nearest good bookshop or online to purchase it.

Price: $20

Click here to visit the Horacek! shop. 

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