Ed’s Note May

13 / 05 / 2016

Welcome May! As the cold finally comes creeping in, we’re lucky enough to be able to send out another edition of Sheilas with all original content to warm up your week.

Horacek delivers a cracker Sheilas original for us, reflecting the blatantly awful state of the budget and it’s less-than-helpful impact on women (again).

This month, we welcome first time contributor and long-time writer Kat George. Kat is a Melbourne based feminist writer who just moved back home after six years living in New York. She’s talking to us about the dire state of marriage equality in Australia, and how this needs to be the election for change.

We also welcome writer Naomi Chainey, feminist and disability activist writing on how the concept of ‘hysteria’ as a diagnosis for women, is still subtly prevalent today.

As for our Bonza Sheila, how could we not revisit our interview last year with the incredible Noni Hazlehurst, after her incredible Logies speech, after being inducted as the second. woman. ever. into the Logies Hall of Fame.

Our wonderful regular Culture Club contributor, Jessamy Gleeson, discusses the policing of women’s bodies online, and how massive platforms such as Facebook as contributing to the problem and abuse that entails.

Our Keeping It Reel features a video that is part of the campaign Our Voice Their Safety, recently launched by the Victorian Women’s Trust to support people seeking asylum.

And, another welcome to Terry McMeekin, who has kindly submitted a piece to us about her involvement with not-for-profit organisation Kiva, on loans that can change lives for women in developing nations. Well done Terry!

PLUS! Thank you to our delightful friends at UWA Publishing, we’re giving away a copy of ‘Unexpected Clearing’ Poems by Rose Lucas. Even in the Dark (2013), Lucas’s earlier work, won the 2014 Mary Gilmore Award for Poetry (Association for the Study of Australian Literature).

HOW TO WIN! To win a copy of this book, simply email beth@vwt.org.au with your favourite poem. The winner will be decided by a vote at the VWT office! 

Click here to find out more or purchase a copy for yourself of ‘Unexpected Clearing’ Poems by Rose Lucas, published by UWA Publishing.