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About Us

Sheilas is a monthly, national e-publication brought to you by the Victorian Women’s Trust.

We aim to provide high quality analysis through top shelf contributors, not beholden to a 24 hour kneejerk reactive news cycle.

We pledge to inform, inspire, and engage with readers on critical issues … and provide some light relief along the way.

Each edition will include two lead articles – bold, thoughtful, analytical pieces you can come to expect in Sheilas. Along with critical thinking on social issues, each month expect to see:

- Horacek! artwork by renowned cartoonist and author Judy Horacek.

- A Bonza Sheila: a Q and A piece showcasing a woman to which we betroth such a title.

- Culture Club: an arts, society and culture ‘corner’ combining reviews, excerpts, and features.

- Keeping it Reel: a regular Sheilas image section celebrating ‘Pictures of You’ – the lived experience of women and the smile lines it generates.


How will it work?

Sheilas will be published online and sent to a subscriber base during the second week of each month.

In between editions, we will also send our Sheilas Monthly Mail to subscribers. This will include links to articles from other publications – a round-up of interesting news and information relating to women and girls.

Importantly, while Sheilas is subscriber based, it’s FREE! So please help us spread the word by forwarding on to your friends, family and colleagues – bonza sheilas and bonza blokes – and encouraging them to subscribe via the website or email


Why the name ‘Sheilas’?

We wanted to choose a word that was synonymous with ‘Australian women’ and complemented other online independent media in their nod to a colloquialism.


Writers, Contributors and Photographers Please Note:

We welcome contributions and can offer payment for certain pieces. If you have an idea for an article, please send us an email

Photographers of all persuasions should check out the Keeping it Reel section celebrating ‘Pictures of You’ – the lived experience of women. If you wish to submit a photo for publication, please email us at


Feedback welcome!

Any feedback on Sheilas articles and content is always welcome. Please direct all feedback to



We aim to publish a variety of views on important social issues.  Please note, the views published on Sheilas are the author’s and not necessarily those of the Victorian Women’s Trust.  For more information contact Sarah at the Victorian Women’s Trust by phone or email at